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  • About Incorporate.ae

    Incorporate provides a one stop solution for professional company services, from company incorporation through to providing leased offices solutions for business looking to establish and grow in the UAE.

    We offer consultancy services that focus on your business requirements, to provide you with the best advice to optimise your business in terms of both structure and jurisdiction.

    Once we have helped you establish your business, we automate the process of maintaining business documentation, so that the client can focus on their core business.

    The team at Incorporate have been involved in company formation for more than a decade we are here to simplify your business creation. We offer a one stop shop from company establishment through to business support services that will allow you to focus on what you do best, delivering your core business services.

    With the number of commercial jurisdictions within the UAE exceeding 20, establishing a business within the UAE can be complicated and time consuming. Each jurisdiction has different investment/shareholder laws, corporate governance requirements, auditing requirements, dispute resolution requirements to name but a few.

    We deliver an optimal solution tailored to your circumstances and business objectives.